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A Very Warm Welcome

Hello, my name is Rebecca, but please call me Becca.  I am a play therapist! 


Play therapy may be something you are very familiar with, it may be something that you have come across and know a little bit about, or it may be something that you have never heard of.  Whatever your knowledge, welcome! 


This website will not only provide you with information on all things play therapy, but also has pages dedicated for parents/ carers and professionals.  My mission is to create an informative hub and resource network, connecting you to all the invaluable organisations, charities, websites and resources that are out there to support children, young people and families.


I work across the counties of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire so have paid particular attention to what support/ resources are available in these areas, alongside more national organisations.


I do hope this website is helpful to you, but please also note that this is not a substitute for professional support.  If you are in crisis or know of someone who is, please seek immediate support from a crisis service or the emergency services. 


Thank you.



Dear Becca,
Thank you so much for helping **** back from a pretty dark place. The change in her, having a safe place and person to play with, was almost instantaneous, and I feel like I have my happy little girl back. I know from what **** has said that she has thoroughly enjoyed her play with you and I’m sure she’ll miss you lots.
Best wishes ****.
                                                                                                                                                                         (Parent of a 6-year-old child).
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