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             What is Play Therapy?

Wooden Cars

... Play Therapy is an incredible, formidable, and powerful intervention. 

It offers no judgements, interpretations, or expectations.  It is about being. 

Being you. 

Being me.


Being present. 



A safe and contained space. 

To express freely the thoughts, feelings, musings, and opinions that we may have about ourselves, others and the world. 

Our world can be a daunting place to be.  It offers so much and it is not always easy to navigate.  We encounter obstacles, twists, turns, bumps, roundabouts, hills, mountains, junctions and traffic jams. 


We are all on a journey, some easier than others. 

Play therapy helps to make sense of those experiences, no matter the size.  Sometimes play therapy is considered only for those who have experienced traumas and abuse...


Play therapy is for ALL, no matter the experience or experiences.

It can be difficult sometimes to put our experiences into words – this is true of everyone, but more so for children who do not have the extensive vocabulary to express what it is they are feeling.  Play therapy helps find the words to say it, and make sense of it through play, creation, and metaphor.

This is summed up beautifully by Gary L. Landreth who quotes, “Toys are children’s words and play is their language”.


For further information, please refer to the page 'All Things Play Therapy'.

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